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Great September Seminar!

Professor Nick Chamberlain, from Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense in Dallas,TX, and Shihan Kyoshi Takeuchi who teaches Hiko Ryu Taijutsu in New York City, visited us on Saturday, September 22nd. They taught excellent and exciting seminars to many DKK and guest teen and adult students, as well as sharing some […]

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September Seminar

We are hosting two of Dracut Kenpo Karate’s favorite guests, Professor Nick Chamberlain (Gasan Ryu Kenpo) and Shihan Kiyoshi Takeuchi (Hiko Ryu Taijutsu). Come and learn the techniques and concepts that have elevated these two gentleman to national and international recognition. Don’t miss this opportunity to train with these Grand […]

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Hiko Ryu Taijutsu Seminar

Shihan Kiyoshi Takeuchi will be traveling from New York City to Dracut, in order to give a seminar on Saturday, March 19th. “Hiko Ryu Taijutsu is a complete martial art system rooted in ancient Samurai history and drawn directly from the experience of fighting on the battlefield. It includes empty-hand, sword, long stick and knife techniques. Training […]

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May 2014 – a lot has happened!

A lot happened at the dojo in May!  We saw a junior black belt test, an adult test, and many fine times sharing meals together.  We were happy to host a seminar taught by both Professor Nick Chamberlain, of Dallas, TX, and Shihan Kiyoshi Takeuchi, of New York City, NY. […]

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Shihan Kiyoshi Takeuchi Seminar

Shihan Takeuchi was here this weekend, as an honored guest, to teach us some Hiko Ryu taijutsu. We all enjoyed the seminar, as well as the company of the vistors from New York city, very much.   It was an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn about a fascinating discipline, […]

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