Class Programs

What you can expect at Dracut Kenpo Karate?

You will start your training at Dracut Kenpo Karate as a White Belt participating in a class with others who are or were just like you, a beginner.

The first self-defense movements you learn will be simple and easy to learn. With time and practice, you will gradually become more skillful. Your physical abilities will increase as you workout in class and at home. Your ability to memorize and understand will improve, and you learn new self defense techniques and concepts. Your sense of self, your spirit, will transform as you gain confidence, discipline and esteem with every challenge that is faced and overcome.

Who can benefit from martial arts training at Dracut Kenpo Karate?

Just about anyone can benefit from training at Dracut Kenpo Karate. In our classes, students are grouped with others of similar skill, size and age. Personal attention to each student ensures that each student can develop his or her karate skills at a reasonable pace. Our students are challenged by pushing the boundaries of  their own limits. The classes at Dracut Kenpo Karate are insightful and invigorating!

Children’s Classes at Dracut Kenpo Karate

Children and teens who study karate become more confident and self-assured. They become more apt to excel, and their fear of failure is diminished. During their course of study at Dracut Kenpo Karate, children earn stripes which are placed on their belts. There are 8 stripes, each representing a specific skill set. The achievement of a new belt, as well as the corresponding stripes, provides a short-term goal structure that teaches children to become success-oriented. The children’s classes are organized into to 3 groupings based on age.

  • The Tiny Tot Warriors are for children ages 3-4. The main goal of this class is to develop listening skills, working within a structured environment, developing balance, coordination and large muscle motor skills based upon a martial arts curriculum. This 30 minute class is a fast-paced, ever-changing set of exercises designed to keep young’ wandering minds engaged.
  • K -4th Grade program is the next grouping. The focus of this class also concentrates on the above goals, with the addition of developing fundamental self-defense skills, which include techniques geared to specific attacks (punches, kicks and grabs) as well as free-style sparring. This class is 50 minutes long.
  • 4th – 8th Grade program is the final group. This class does everything which is expected of the last grouping, it’s just for older kids. As such, we require just a little more from these young people: a little more effort, focus and determination. This is also 50 minute class.
Adults’ Classes at Dracut Kenpo Karate

Adults who study at Dracut Kenpo Karate develop self-defense skills and the confidence to face situations as they arise. The flexibility exercises combined with punching and kicking techniques  become an excellent workout, providing a great release from the stresses and frustrations of everyday life. Learning new concepts and theories of movement stimulates the mind. The adult classes are open to people from high school age through to the young-at-heart seasoned citizens.

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