During 2020 we were challenged, as was everyone, by the need to operate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the need to comply with governmental mandates and guidelines.  However, many of our students persevered and we are delighted to congratulate the following people, all of whom achieved advanced ranks in 2020.  

Norman McBride – Yondan

Taryn Riley – Yondan

Sean Luis – Sandan

Erin Gannon – Shodan

Ricky Gannon III – Shodan

Jack Lavoie – Shodan

Borden Smith – Shodan

Zachary Colby – Shodan

Grace Webster – Shodan

London Webster – Shodan

Tyler Colby – Shodan

Titus Webster – Junior black belt

Hudson Smith – Junior black belt

Jackson Simms – Junior black belt

James Ruel – Junior black belt


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“Winners are people who are willing to do what the rest won’t.”